Danh mục: Induction cooker chefs

Made in: Genuine

Warranty: 36 Months

Original price: 5.000.000 VND

Product Features

* Use multifunctional cooker with EH-MIX386

* Schott Ceran - Ceramic surface to withstand heat

* EGO Hi-light heaters - Germany, built-in cooking function selector

* Tray diameter of 22cm, support Booster fast cooking function - max 3000W

* Slide slider keyboard, 9 power levels + booster, independent control of each cooking stove.

* Self-timer for each cooking zone, appointment time up to 9.30 minutes

* Automatic rice cooking function on the kitchen

* Power consumption display function

Safety features

* Residual heat warning

* Child lock Child lock

* Automatic switch off the kitchen when forgetting Automatic switching off

* Automatically switch off the cooker when there is no pot

* Overheat protection system, over voltage

Features glass

* Solid monocular, chamfered, luxurious black

* Surface to scratch, high strength

* Resistance to heat up to 1000oC, heat shock to 800oC


* Voltage 220V / 50Hz

* Power: max 5200W (Right: 2300W / (3000W booster), Left: 2200W)

* Dimensions (length x width x height): 750 x 450 x 60mm

* Hole size: 670 x 380mm

* Weight: 9.0 kg

Warranty conditions

* Product innovation in the first 7 days if there is a defect due to production error

* Warranty: 36 months from date of purchase

* When warranting, customer must provide: Warranty card (with full information) and purchase invoice

* Products are warranted at the customer's home

* Maintenance program every 6 months. Apply to customers who have provided information about the CS when they buy the kitchen

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