Electronic Chef EH-MIX2000A

Danh mục: Induction cooker chefs

Made in: Genuine

Warranty: 36 Months

Original price: 5.000.000 VND

Electric cooker from Chefs EH-MIX2000A

- Number of cooking surfaces: 2

- Kitchen Size: (690 x 420 x 60) mm

- Size of stone: (670 x 390) mm

- Power: 3400W (Right: 2000W, Left 2000W)

- Voltage 220V / 50Hz. Weight: 8.0 kg

Characteristics of electric cookers from Chefs EH-MIX2000A

The Chef's EH-MIX2000A has 2 cooking surfaces with a magnetic kitchen and an infrared cooktop. With the magnetic kitchen, you can cook very quickly thanks to the mechanism of heat by induction from the effect on the bottom of the pot. However, the downside is that the cooker is only cooking with the bottom pot contaminated. Therefore, infrared cooktop will be the perfect complement. With infrared cooktop, you can easily cook with any type of pot of all sizes.

This Chef's cheap electric cooker has the ability to identify the smart bottom of the pot, with a timer for each cooking surface (maximum appointment time is 8 hours).

The kitchen can automatically share the capacity between two stoves, max 3400W. There are also many other features such as: thermostat warning, child safety lock, overheat protection system, over voltage.

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