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Olym Pianus is a subsidiary of the OP watch company. This is the famous Swiss watches are now popular in the watch world as well as in the world extremely popular.

Olym Pianus is the watch brand of the OP.

With the idea of ​​the eternal spirit of Olympian athletes, the common feature of the OP line is the quality that makes the watch stand out at an extremely affordable price.

Why choose Olym Pianus?

Olympia Star and Olym Pianus have a lot of unique features that will convince you to get this watch.

Affordable price: With the amount of money only about 2 million, you can now own a Swiss quality watches with modern style, luxury and style.

Open Heart Functions: Some of the OP's watches feature the Open Heart feature, which is extremely sophisticated, allowing you to feel every smooth, subtle movement that takes place inside the watch.

40h cushioning: With up to 40h of hoarding capability, you do not have to worry about stopping the watch for a long time. This is a highlight that is hard to find a universal mechanical clock.

Gold-plated PVD: This is a high-end technology used in the watch industry. This plating technology makes the cladding on the watch very durable, the watch can be used for 5 to 7 years while still keeping the bright, luxurious.

Water resistant: With an average water resistance of 30 to 50m, you do not need to worry about your daily activities with water.

Sturdy strap, style: Each OP watch can be fitted with leather straps or steel strings. The leather cord is made of waterproof calfskin. The steel material is processed on standard 316L stainless steel.

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